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Media Pit Stop: Bojack Horseman

Picture Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) from Full House, but instead of the all american dorky dad, he’s a horse-human hybrid, and instead of having a halfway middling career post 90s, he descends into the worst kind of drug addicted bum lifestyle imaginable. This is how we begin Bojack Horseman. Despite the absurd premise, this show…… Continue reading Media Pit Stop: Bojack Horseman

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Open Letter to Dog People

Open Letter to Dog People   Dear Dog People, If there’s any competition most people think of being as fierce as Tea vs. Coffee, it is Cats vs. Dogs.  But unlike that first competition, where both sides vehemently hate each other, there’s a strange complexity in people’s preferred pet. People think that you are either…… Continue reading Open Letter to Dog People

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American Racism and The Man in the High Castle

Alternate history is fun, no matter the subject, but only the best make us think about our own world in a more complex way. Amazon’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s amazing story The Man in the High Castle does just this, and would be worth your time even without a 73 year old Hitler. The…… Continue reading American Racism and The Man in the High Castle

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Coffee vs. Tea: The Eternal War?

Tastes change. Most of the time this is nothing important. You probably hated vegetables as a kid, and now that you’ve grown up you probably eat them regularly. But what about when, by changing your tastes, you have gotten into the middle of one of the most intense debates on earth? What if switching from…… Continue reading Coffee vs. Tea: The Eternal War?

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Contrasting Opinions in Media: an Appeal for Constructive Arguments

The social pressure amongst friends to agree about everything is almost all encompassing. When you are in a group of friends who are excitedly talking about their favorite TV show, book, or franchise, it is heavily discouraged to mention how much you don’t give a shit about that thing. I will admit to being on…… Continue reading Contrasting Opinions in Media: an Appeal for Constructive Arguments