Why Twenty One Pilots Shouldn’t Be “Schizoid Pop”

I originally wanted this post to be about the music of twenty one pilots, and how their themes of mental health and depression are expressed very differently than how most pop artists approach them.  This idea presented a problem, though, because I’m not sure I could classify the band as being 100% pop.  But by thinking…… Continue reading Why Twenty One Pilots Shouldn’t Be “Schizoid Pop”

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Pushing Boundaries: Nepal’s excellent flag

Getting involved in flags isn’t always the easiest thing. I know the intense history and complex meanings in flags distress a lot of potential flag aficionados. But you know what? None of that matters at the start of your journey. Appreciating flag design doesn’t require a vast field of knowledge; it just requires the will…… Continue reading Pushing Boundaries: Nepal’s excellent flag

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Chicago Northside Food Guide

Living here is a weather shitstorm, but I do admire the gastronomic reasons Chicagoans like to call this city home. We all know the key touristy attractions, Willis Tower, Millennium Park, deep dish pizza (YUM), but don’t you want food experiences off the beaten path? As a roving college student, I’ve encountered a few (frankly)…… Continue reading Chicago Northside Food Guide

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Blogging Around the Town: Labor and Sentience in “Metropolis”

Freder: Your magnificent city, Father – and you the brain of this city – and all of us in the city’s light – – and where are the people, father, whose hands built your city – – – ? Joh Frederson: Where they belong… Freder: Where they belong…? In the depths…? In modern times where…… Continue reading Blogging Around the Town: Labor and Sentience in “Metropolis”