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The Yearning Fisher

Dear Fishers,

When did you start fishing?

Was it when a relative would place a pole in your tiny hands and say, “pull and reel in”? You may have been ecstatic to catch a tiny fish, but as the number of small fish caught increased over the years, that rush of adrenaline diminishes. You probably find yourself craving a challenge, a bigger fish. That’s the moment when you graduate from a bobber and hook to the ‘big kid’ lures, jigs, etc. Some people are perfectly satisfied fishing for pleasure like I do. However, I derive that pleasure from yearning to catch a big fish.

If you’re like me, then you probably know that feeling of coming up short. You do everything you’re supposed to do (well, at least hope you do). What are you doing wrong?

Then look at exhibit A. This kid has caught a dozen freshwater fish bigger than your one and only whopper. You’re WAY older than them. How can this be? Do they have more knowledge than you? Probably not. Are they incredibly lucky? Yes. Should you play the lottery? Definitely no.

Perhaps you live in an urban environment like I do. Fishing regularly becomes a passing commodity. You could do research of fishing techniques but without field experience, that know-how is as good as a rubber ducky for bait.

Sound familiar? Then I can sympathize. My only advice to you is this: Just keep fishin’. What do you do when you swear the fish are laughing with their unblinking eyes? You fish, fish, fish.

-The Yearning Fisher


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