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Rapunzel’s Wanderlust

Dear Anxious Movers,

We all have an urge to move like the flailing-arms-inflatable-tube-man. But what form does the urge to move take? It can be anything from exercising, traveling, moving homes, ambitious career-seeking, transferring schools, and much more. For me, it’s the urge to move homes.

I’m trapped like Rapunzel from Tangled. I’m trapped in an isolated tower. I keep wondering, when will my life begin? We’ve all been there. We look out at the horizon, busy ourselves with daily life, but deep down we know escaping from our own tower is the only way to make us happy.



Like many, I spent a dozen or more years of my life in school. Like many, my family and friend network is so rooted that I feel trapped and obligated to stay. Like many, I feel like I’m wearing a straight jacket with people constantly offering well-intentioned, but actually damaging advice. And, like many, I find myself having episodes where I second-guess everything.

The little Rapunzel inside of me is stir crazy.

I want to see the world. I’ve already picked two countries from every continent (except Antarctica duh) I want to see first. I see myself getting a modest house overlooking an ocean or lake. I want my early mornings spent sipping tea with my partner, looking for new wildlife sightings, new sounds. I want to go road tripping and feel the air of foreign lands through my hair. I need experiences, not possessions. I need to be worldly, not local. I want to experience cultures and appreciate what makes them unique. I want to share it with my partner.


I am studying abroad in Dublin for three months starting January 2017. It is also an opportunity to learn if the European continent will be my new home for at least a few years. Perhaps I’ll move to the other side of the U.S. Perhaps I’ll move somewhere else completely unexpected. Either way, my inner Rapunzel craves discovering those lights, or flickers of wonderment, in the distance.

– Rapunzel’s Wanderlust


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